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Tek Tread is our latest Authorised Fabricator

Here at U-Dek® we are delighted that TekTread have come on board our team as an Authorised Fabricator. They are based in Wigram, Christchurch where they will service customers from Kaikoura through to Bluff.

TekTread is able to take you through the process of conceiving, designing, fabrication and installing the U-Dek® products to your asset. U-Dek® provides a highly desirable finish to upgrade any of your assets be it recreational, commercial or domestic. U-Dek® is both aesthetically pleasing and a practical surfacing product.

The team at TekTread use the latest Photo Modeling technology integrated with CAD software to produce your designs and cut the required profile kits for fitting to your project. Additionally, we are able to work with existing CAD designs or information from manufacturers or your own phsyical templates.

TekTread have hit the ground running and have already installed some great looking kits.

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