Marine Decking

Custom Deck Kit Process

U-DEK® is easy to get installed. Our experienced team can put you in touch with our growing number of authorised installers in your area.

Simply select your colour and tread pattern combination then our installer can assist you in accurately digitising the deck area for our CNC to cut your U-DEK® kit. With on-site installation of your deck, you’ll be back on the water in no time, enjoying what you love most! 


A U-DEK® representative or authorised installer will step you through the process to get U-DEK® marine flooring on your boat. At this stage colours and design options can be discussed. Based on your boat and design requirements an approximate quote will be provided.


Using state of the art digital measuring tools we will scan your boat deck taking precise measurements to create a digital template for your new floor.


Our experienced CAD designers will get to work creating your floor incorporating patterns, logos and designs you have chosen.

Customer Approval

You will be provided a final quote and detailed drawing of your new deck. Minor variations such as logo placements and pattern adjustments are possible at this stage.


Your new marine floor will be cut on our CNC machine using custom tools and experienced operators to ensure a high quality, accurate finish.


Your custom U-DEK® floor will be installed by an experienced installer ensuring the deck is prepped and cleaned before meticulously applying the 3M marine grade adhesive backed foam to your boat.